“Visions” - Grimes Young American producer and writer Grimes has been the word on everyone’s lips lately. Known for her translucent beats and heart warming vocals, Grimes has produced an album by the title “Visions”.

This albums features songs “Oblivion” and “Genesis” This was originally released in 2012 and got rave reviews and massive advertisement on the popular radio station Triple J. Although half the time you can’t understand what on earth she is singing about, she conveys her emotion using oriental-like dance music and boppy sound effects that give the listener a new look on the standard style of a pop song.

While considered a pop artist, Grimes is very different from the rest and isn’t afraid to say it like it is. This album promises a heap load of psychedelic beats and confusing lyrics that will make you fall in love with her instantly! Grimes is a very experimental artist and kudos to her for making something different from what she was originally labelled as.

“Visions” is pure creative genius and i give it 4/5 stars 



Peace out!