1. How would you describe your sound?:
We like to describe our sound as whimsical cinnamon bicycle man .... (Whatever that means!)


2. Tell us about how you got the name Fox Cat Rabbit:
We picked our three favourite animals and ordered them in descending height. 


3. Where did you meet?:
We met at church and played our first gig together on the 15th of September 2012. We became inseparable, and have been inseparable since!


4. What do you love about working with each other?: 
We love playing music! We love being dorks on stage. We can bounce ideas off each other really well and we're both very different people so we come up with all kinds of crazy musical concoctions.


5. Your greatest influences?: 
Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and sons, Matt Corby, and both of our mums. Not falling over...


6. Tell us about your favourite thing about being in Fox Cat Rabbit with each other?: 
Making up words to our own songs on the spot?!
But no seriously we love hearing the crowd simmer down just before we get on stage, because at that point we realise we can just be ourselves and share what we have made... and also there's no turning back then.


7. What do you love about performing?:
We love the performance! We also love meeting new people after the show. We always head straight to the merch desk after the show and meet as many people as we can.


8. Tips for songwriting: 
Don't be scared and never give up. Don't be upset if it's not 100% perfect. It takes a long time to develop a sound you like and the only way to get there is if you keep trying.

Have a look at the fun new video for their single Are You Happy Now. We promise you will be happy afterwards!