1. Congratulations on getting into The Voice Australia Julian! Now, it takes a lot of guts to audition not only in front of the likes of Kylie, Joel, Will.I.Am and Ricky, but the rest of Australia-  what was that like?:

Thank you! To be honest I was pretty nervous, but the fact that the coaches were facing away from me made it that little bit less nerve wracking. Once I started to sing I just tried to ignore the cameras, feel comfortable and enjoy myself - and then it all just started to happen from there. 


2.  How did you feel in that moment when all four chairs turned around for your audition?:

The moment all four chairs turned I honestly was screaming at the top of my lungs inside! It was so hard not to stop singing but I knew I had to get through the song and keep pushing until the end. It was the best feeling, something you always dream of and never even imagine that it will actually happen so when it does it’s pretty surreal. 


3. You chose team Will.I.Am, tell us about working with him:

I chose Will.I.Am because out of all them he is a producer and an entrepreneur as well and that really inspired me. He is a pretty amazing guy, also very fun to be around and very technology savvy. He was probably most helpful with the performance side of things and gave me tips on how I could enhance my performance to make it interesting for an audience. 


4. What is one of the biggest things you learnt in your time on The Voice Australia?

Probably the biggest thing I learnt is that it’s not just the way a song is sung, but the actual delivery of a performance that can make it or break it. It also taught me a lot about interaction with the audience and camera, and learning how to keep everyone engaged. Singing the song is only half of it! 


5. There were some pretty crazy talented people in this competition and you each brought something really different, how did you stay confident and focus on what you bring as an artist?:

The competition definitely had talented people and I met some of the most amazing artists.  But I tried to not think of them as competition, I knew that if I worried too much about who was in the competition and who I would be up against that it would just upset my mentality and throw me off my singing. The thing that worked most for me was to just focus on what I needed to deliver myself as an artist and do the best with my ability. 


6. Who has been your biggest support?

The biggest support would definitely have to be my wife. She’s had faith in me to pursue my singing from the moment she knew I could sing many many years ago. So she's been very encouraging and supportive from the start. And recently with everything taking off she’s stepped in to a manager role and has been helping me with a lot of the behind the scenes work which has been a massive support for me.

7. We are LOVING your new single 'I do it for you'- very cool! What is the inspiration behind it?

So glad you’re loving my new single! I wanted to write a song that was personal to me but also a song that everyone could relate to. I had the idea of wanting to appreciate my partner but also women in general, whether it be a partner, a mother, the mother of your child, I wanted to show that recognition of women. But above all I really wanted people to listen and to be able to celebrate someone important in their lives and make them feel like doing something back for them as a nice gesture of love and appreciation. Hence the song title "I Do It For You”!


8. Tell us about what is coming up for you:

Not only am I excited about the release of my debut single, but I will be releasing my EP on November 21st. I’m really looking forward to launching at The Northcote Social Club on November 23rd, where I will be performing the full EP, and some other originals in the making, live with a band for the first time. 


9. Lastly, do you have any advice for someone else looking to step out and do what they love?

If you're going to do what you love make sure you are always happy about what you are doing and always go above and beyond to make it the best you possibly can. Give it your all. One thing I have learnt for sure with everything that is happening is that I don't want to look back and wish that I had done something differently, or put in a bit more effort somewhere along the way. I want to be satisfied that I gave it everything I had and be proud with what I had achieved. 


Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these Julian. All the best with the release of your ep!!

Thanks soo much for chatting with me!