We are BIG fans of people doing what they love, ESPECIALLY when they sound as darn good as Kat Wilson. This is our chat with the band on how they got their stuff together to record and release their ep!!

1.Tell us about your band: 

Us four have been together for close to 7 months now. We’re a pretty new outfit but have just thrown ourselves into the industry. Ginger Katie is Lead vocals and acoustic, Dan is lead guitar and vocals, Tame is the bass soul man and Ben plays the sticks.

2. How would you describe your sound?:

It's like if coastal chilled vibes were running towards the blues and smashed together in the middle -that's us.

3. Who are your greatest musical influences?: 

Some strong influences would be Warpaint, Gary Clark Jr. and the Tallest Man On Earth. But we also love old school cats like the Eagles, Bruce Stringsteen and Fleetwood mac.

4. You've just released your debut ep, tell us about it!: 

It was a crazy awesome night. There is so much work and prep that went into it so just to get up and dance around and sing and perform to a sell out crowd was pretty awesome. The EP Sea Legs also dropped to iTunes and within a day, hit #1 on the blues iTunes charts so we just couldn’t believe it. Blown away by all the love and support. We’re just super excited to tour this month now!

5. What do you love about performing?:

The feeling of performing can only really be described as being completely free. Like time doesn’t exist, struggles don’t exist or anything but the love of art on stage.

6. Do you ever get nervous before you perform and if so, what do you do to shake those nerves?:

We all get nervous in different ways and at different times, but all know how each other tick so when someone goes white or starts to pace around its time to get around and charge each other up. Or even make an awkward joke, that always seems to work.

7. Tips for songwriting: 

When you want to start songwriting, don’t put yourself in a box or make yourself sit down and smash out a song with verses and a chorus and all that structure. Just start writing.

Write about people you see, things you love doing, write about that one time you did something so cringe worthy you wanted to run away, write about what you study and write about life and the crazy adventure it is. Trust us, beautiful things happen when you step away from limiting your imagination and just document what’s in you and around you.