Velveteen!! Congrats on the success of your single, Mess!

1. What inspired this song?:

Why Thankyou! Mess is actually about not being able to stop bringing up the past. I think it's quite a common struggle for some, myself included.

2. Tell us a little about your sound and how you have developed this as an artist:

Velveteen was merely an idea last year and it has progressed further than I ever thought possible! I was always aiming for something within that indie pop electronic kind of field and Velveteen has slowly transgressed from the rock-ish band in my garage on a Thursday evening to something a bit more developed which is fantastic! (Thanks to the hardworking musicians by my side)
The demo, which was produced by a favorite artist of mine, Angus Dawson then opened up the doors to the online music realm and I got a lot more of a reaction than I was expecting which is really great!

3. You work with a group of pretty talented musicians who are sometimes involved in the songwriting process, what is the biggest thing you have learnt in collaborating?:

Velveteen's Perth band is absolutely fantastic! Each one of them is extremely talented and I think it's important to work and write with as many different people as you can, there are billions of song opportunities and the more you write, the better you become.

4. What do you do before a gig to prepare and calm the nerves?:

Sleep is the most important thing before a gig, I also tend to google every singing tip on earth! 
Another big one is drinking copious amounts of tea and chewing a dozen lozenges/hot steam/the works.... Never really found out which one actually worked...

5. 2015 is shaping up to be rather exciting for Velveteen- any hints as to what it will look like?:

We may or may not be supporting a very famous vocalist from overseas…Stay tuned for more! 

6. What advice do you have for someone looking to get their start in the music industry?: 

Go for it. I had about 40 Half written songs for a long time and I wish I could have plucked up enough courage to spin them out instead of trying to make them absolutely precise!
Some of the best songs are the messy ones.