Bailey and Sheridan, both 11 years old, recently shaved off their luscious locks!

Nope, they weren't just bored with their hairstyle and it's not like they were desperate to have cold heads before the winter, they were doing it for a mate.

These guys, along with a bunch of school friends and teachers at Mandurah Baptist College, took the plunge in support of one of their friends who is undergoing treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Here they tell us what it felt like and what made them do it!!


How does your head feel?:

It feels really cool and kinda drafty.
When I rub it against some fabric, it’s really catchy, so weird!!


Why did you shave your heads?

Our friend, he’s had cancer since near the end of last year and they’ve been doing a charity at the school to raise money for PMH, so we thought we might as well!

How much did it raise?
We raised $8000 with the whole school.

One of our teachers shaved his head as well, also one of the staff members, shaved her head because the school raised over $1000.


Sooo...are we talking a number 1 or 2 with clippers or...?:
We had to shave it with the electric razor and then we got an actual razor to shave the rest, so that it was actually bald.

Our mum did the shaving, in front of the whole school. The first thing she did was shave right down the middle. Then she left the last part at the back, it looked really funny.

How did it feel afterwards?
We felt pretty good – afterwards we had a bunch of fun and games. Everyone was cheering us on.