1. Shaedyn! You’re mad for all things photography, design and videography, tell us a little about what you do:

I capture moments and bring crazy conceptualised, abstract ideas that pop into the ever-ticking mind of mine to life! That’s what I do… though there are the added processes of conceptualisation (brain storms, brain storms, brain storms oh and some drawing and some more brain storms-ha!), directing models and working alongside clients, the never-ending long hours of editing and super tight squishy deadlines. But hey if none of that existed life would be boring!

2. What do you love about each of the areas you work in; photography, design and videography?:

Photography: Photography was my first true love! I love how different people, from different walks of life, going through different journeys can create their own meaning through an image and make it personal to them. It truly is a heart warming thing when an image that you have created mesmerises someone and sparks a whole new world of imagination within their own mind, it’s crazy what one photo can do!

Design: I obviously love creating and seeing an idea come together after hours and hours of hard work and then eventually seeing the end product come to life in the eyes of others… that’s what it is all about!

Videography: I love the entire process behind videography from concept to the final product, filming scenes and getting that winner shot you were after is always super rewarding and provides so much stoke which makes you even more excited for the edit! Eventually getting to the stoke once again of the viewers loving something that you have put so much time and effort into is seriously so cool… and it will never stop being an amazing feeling!

3. Where do your creative ideas come from and what is involved in the process of developing them from conception to realisation? :

A lot of my ideas literally pop into my head, sometimes I legit look a bit spaced out because I’m off in the land of dreaming up fun new concepts and ideas! Or they stem from researching other cool pieces/ styles of work on the world wide web (mainly on pinterest or behance) or they can come from an inanimate object I see like a shape/ colour or even a word or expression or hairstyle. REALLY, ideas can stem from anything!
But developing them is a different story… I learnt that brainstorming is a super important step in creating an initial idea into an AMAZINGLY awesome idea that has potential- taking that idea and stretching it into something you wouldn’t think possible. After brain storming you either start sketching very rough mock designs/ layouts/ scenes etc and turn them into some form of a draft.
From there you start turning that draft into a reality! That is a slight over view of the steps it takes to get from concept to project.

4. Favourite Brands at the moment:

Oh golly so many different brands I am inspired by at the moment, I’ve always had a thing for clothing design and am frothing over NZ based brand Huffer! They not only create super crisp designs on clothing but have generated a sweet design aesthetic with in their branding and marketing. Their latest photography campaign by James K Lowe for their Autumn look book was super simplistic but really captured the clothing line and market, serious inspiration!   

5. Ultimate dream brand you would love to work for one day:

Huffer! Or if I was to aim even higher I would love to shoot for high-end fashion magazines like vogue NY or creative magazines such as Yen, even designing for such magazines would suffice!

6. You’ve always kind of had your own style and that may have made school a bit of a tricky place for you, what advice do you have for others who may not fit that standard mold?:

First thing I want to say, is to remember that different is a good thing. Look at all the musicians and other creatives, do you think they got where they are today by trying to be a people pleaser and stick to the mold that is set by society?! Be you and don’t let anyone make you think there is anything wrong with that.
At school I had a pretty rough time and it really brought me down and feel as if there was something wrong with the person I was created to be.

People were rough so I thought I had to be like them; the bullies, to be accepted in life. Though that didn’t work and made me feel even more down because I wouldn’t allow myself to be me and I ended up just hating life. 

In the end, after years of being bullied and conforming, I realised the problem didn’t lay with me it was within them and their own insecurities!

PLEASE don’t pull yourself down to the level of the people who can’t accept you for you! Know that you have been created the way you are for a reason,

Be the bigger person in every situation because in the end you will always come out on top no matter what.