Our mate John is a pretty big deal right.

He might play it cool, but he's DJ'd some of Perth's biggest gigs. Here he talks about how he started and how he got so darn good!!

Tell us about your job:
Hi, my name is DJ JohnnyBoi and I'm a DJ in Perth City. I play music in clubs all over Perth 4 nights a week and get paid for it!! I DJ in 3 different venues, Paramount Nightclub, Bar OneTwenty & Eve Nightclub. 


What do you love about DJing?: 
There are so many factors and parts to DJing that I enjoy. But the thing I love the most about it is that I can bring new music to the people each night I play and present old and new music together as a show without sounding like an iPod or Jukebox. 

How did you get started?: 
I started learning how to DJ in mid October, 2009. I had someone ask me if I wanted to learn and I seized the opportunity, not really knowing what was in store for me. My first gig playing out was in Dunsborough in front of a tent full of people for Leavers 2009, as part of an organization called 'Red Frogs'. From there I continued to learn how to become a better DJ and here I am today. 

What do you have to do to prepare for a gig?: 
When I first started, I had a lot to do. Analyse songs, learn how to develop basic DJ skills; reading crowds, and building energy, developing a larger range of music genres to play around with etc. But now that I am quite familiar with all the older songs that have come out over the years, most of my preparation goes into finding new music and every now and then practicing the basic skills.

Some of the coolest gigs you've had: 
There are few that rate 'up there' in the list:
- Leavers Week
- Eve Nightclub
- Paramount Nightclub Themed Parties (Jungle, New Years) 
- Perth Arena (DJ'ed for One Direction)

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into DJing?: 
For anyone who would want to start DJing, I would first off say you would need: 
- A love of all music genres
- Good people skills
- Discipline to learn your craft and realize there are always new levels to rise to.