Don't get too jealous, but this Mandurah boy travels the world surfing and helping out the poor. Read all about Dave's 'job' with the cool kids at Surfing the Nations here!!


1. Tell us about your job with Surfing the Nations and how you got involved:

Surfing the Nations is a non for profit humanitarian Organization based in Wahiawa, Hawaii. Simply whoever works at STN are volunteers and no one gets paid. We use the sport of surfing and selfless service to impact local and international communities by meeting needs and changing lives.

In 2013 after finishing 4 years of study and training I felt in my heart to pursue a life of adventure and to travel a path less travelled by others. I volunteered with STN in Hawaii. I believe we are all designed for adventure and we come alive when travelling and experiencing other cultures. The idea of combining your passions to change the world and make a difference appealed to me.


2. What kind of Humanitarian work do you do in Hawaii?

Surfing the Nations has been built on a few core values. Surfing is one, international trips is another and feeding the hungry, poor and homeless is key. What started with making up three or four boxes of food and delivering them to the poorest families we could find has continued to grow. Now every Thursday under a bridge in China Town, Honolulu, we handout food to up to 800 familys in just a few hours.

On the 5 international trips we do each year, we love to take clothes, toys, surfboards and surf gear to hand out to the needy and less privileged people we find along our journey. The simple act of giving what we think are small gifts can be life changing to some of these people.  Such a simple and fun way to show love to the unloved. 


3. Which countries have you travelled to and do you have some favourites?

My volunteer work has taken me from the islands of Hawaii to The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Turkey. I have so many great memories and wild stories. However Turkey would be the highlight of the last 12 months. Walking through the snowy streets of istanbul which is almost 5000 years old was mind blowing and felt like a different world.


4. Tell us what you love about surfing and where your favourite places to surf are:

Surfing is such a unique sport that crosses cultural barriers and religious backgrounds. The surf culture combines surfing with art and music like no other.  I love the challenge it brings and the feeling when riding that perfect wave in a beautiful location. Just you and the creation. The sport of surfing is truly an international sport, wherever there is a coastline you will find a wave to surf. 

The Cloud nine surf break in the Philippines would have to be my favourite place to surf. Not just the surf but the journey it takes to get there is truly memorable.


5. Advice for someone who wants to travel with their surfing:

Go big!


Are you pretty mad for surfing and keen for some adventure? Check out Surfing the Nations and send us in your story about what you love to