How can I stay motivated to work out?

Set some realistic goals: The reason why most people fail to stay motivated to work out is they set unrealistic goals for themselves and feel disheartened when they don’t feel like it’s possible anymore! Realistically if it were that easy everyone would be fit and healthy and feel 100% confident with the way their body looks. Be honest with yourself and set some measurable small goals that will lead you to your ultimate goals!

Create a vision board: If you see it, you’re most likely to achieve it! Having a daily reminder of what you want to achieve is a great motivator. Place your vision board in a place where you pass all the time!

Plan ahead: Literally your whole week, what days and times are you going to work out? Try and schedule in the time where you feel most awake and have enough energy to get to the gym or park for your workout. If you’re not a morning person fine don’t train in the morning then! Whatever time you schedule in make that a priority, don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your hour of power!

Find a training buddy: someone as awesome as you are and that’s got similar goals. To choose the right training buddy make sure that they will keep you accountable, they will help keep you focused, they don’t have too many injuries, they want to smash their goals just as much as you do!

Eat well: Nourish your body with clean nutritious food, there are plenty of healthy, affordable options out there, and let’s be honest there’s no point in training hard if you’re not going to eat well. Plan what you’re going to eat don’t leave room for fast food options, you’re body deserves the best!

Maurica Wilson