Being single doesn't mean being alone. 

So all your friends are pairing off and you're feeling like the odd one out? No need to get all '#FOREVERALONE' on us - there are pros and cons to every part of our lives! 

Chances are, you won't be #FOREVERALONE, so you actually want to make the most of your freedom - and the best way to do that, is to focus on the great things about ridin' solo

Besides, if you do it right, being single doesn't ever mean being alone! Whether you're single or in a relationship, maintaining your 'squad' with a good mix of people is going to get you through just about anything!

So we've made a list of the pros of being single, but we know you'll probably have even more, so add them in the comments below!!

1. You don't have to share your food! 

2. You don't exceed your plan on long late night calls to bae, where neither of you want to be the first one to hang up... *yawn*

3. You don't have to split Christmas between your family and theirs. 

4. No need to run your weekend plans by someone else all the time. The weekend is yours for spontaneity and chills. 

5. You don't have to go to awkward family dinners with their parents.... 

6. No need to unleash your inner stalker and monitor their social media activity  - you know who you are!

7. Mo' money in yo' pocket! You're not always having to shout another person or come up with bigger and better birthday presents. 

8. Girls/guys night without the guilt of leaving your other half out... or dragging them along. 

9. No need to sit through chick flicks/action movies if you don't want to. 

10. By hanging out with heaps of different kinds of people, you start to see the kind of person that brings out the best in you and sometimes, that will surprise even you!