Sometimes being a good friend doesn’t mean you have to save the day or be the answer for all of your friends’ problems, it just means being there and offering suggestions of who to talk to when they need.


It’s not your responsibility to decide whether what they are feeling is real or serious, you just need to let them know that you are there for them and that while you don’t have the answers to help, there are people they can talk to.

You also don’t need to feel guilty about not helping enough. As a friend, there isn’t always a lot you can do, apart from being there and letting them know you care.

Sometimes when people are in a bad place, they can want to blame people – that doesn’t make it your fault, it just means they have things to work through.

Other times when people are in a bad place, they will want you to be more to them than you can, it’s like they want you to fill the holes and solve the problems. No one person can do that for them though. The best thing they can do is chat with an adult they trust who can help them work through some of the things going on in their life.

You might recommend they chat with a chaplain, teacher, counselor or parent. If your friend feels they don’t have anyone in their world they can chat with, we have a couple of people we think are pretty darn ace at talking through things and getting help!!