" If you struggle with self-injury,

you are not "a cutter"

you are a person. 

You are not only your pain, 

you are not only your wounds and scars.

You are better things. 

You are possibility and promise,

hope and healing, daydreams, 

favourite books and favourite songs. 

You are the people that you love

and the people who love you.

You are hope and change and things worth fighting for. 

This is all your story, 

and your story isn't over. "

Jamie Tworkowski - To Write Love On Her Arms 

If this is something you struggle with, we think one of the best things you can do is talk an adult you trust about it- seriously, getting the help you need is brave, not weak. 

It might be a chaplain, teacher, parent or someone like that. If there isn't anyone in your world you feel you can talk to, we reckon you should chat with one of our friends below!