Feeling a part of something, like you’re meant to be there, is one of the best feelings in the world. 


That might be your basketball team, your group of friends, your family, or your band. Whatever that group or thing looks like, knowing that you are meant to be there, that those people get you and that you have a part to play, helps you get through a lot of other things that aren’t so great in life.



If you are a human, you probably know what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong somewhere though….


That feeling is really crap- actually, it’s worse than crap, but we try to keep our language decent around these parts, so you get our drift yeh? 


Feeling like it wouldn’t matter if you disappeared, like no one would notice, like they might even be glad if you weren’t there, is pretty depressing.


While some of us may feel that way at school or in our group of friends, some of you may feel that way about your life in general.


You might be going through a time in your life where nothing seems to fit right, not school, or home, your friends or your job; you don’t feel like there is anywhere you fit or belong. Like no one actually gets it.


If that’s you, we want you to know that you do belong here; that you have a part to play. The future is unknown, but it has a spot for you in it- YOU belong here.


It can be easy to kind of give up and give in to the thinking that everyone would be better off without you and that you will never find where you belong.


It can seem simpler to retreat into yourself, put up walls and not share what you’re going through; what makes you tick. That is definitely the easier option, BUT the easy road never leads to the really good spots.


There are going to be plenty of spaces where you don’t 'fit' in life, but there will also be some that you do, people who get you – YOU belong here.


Life isn’t going to go to plan and some things will disappoint you, but there are also going to be some amazing moments; moments so great that you could never have concocted them in your head, they are worth sticking around for – YOU belong here.


Even if it doesn’t look like it now- YOU belong here.


The future is unknown, but it has a spot in it for you, it’s worth sticking around to see what that spot is.


YOU belong here- don’t ever let yourself believe otherwise.


If you find yourself thinking suicidal thoughts, that doesn't make you weird and it doesn't mean that you're supposed to follow through with them, it just means you need a little help right now. Check out our article here and chat with someone you can trust, like your school chaplain, a parent or some of our friends below.