ONE DAY - School To Career Transitional WorkshopsAs Seen On Today Tonight:

This program is available in the form of a day long seminar/conference, incorporating our range of hands-on Creative Vocational Workshops, key note presentations on Dealing with Failure and your choice of Personal Development Workshops.

We work with each school to tailor build the content of the day based on the interests of your students and bring up to 10 young and passionate Creative Professionals who spend the day mentoring your students.

Our mentors share on how they have turned their passions and hobbies into a career, including the education pathways chosen, the lessons they learnt in school that have contributed to their success and the professional standards they hold themselves to. They don't shy away from talking about hard work either!

Each presenter will then engage students in a practical activity related to the topic chosen.

Workshop topics include:

  • DJing
  • Videography
  • Social Media and Blogging
  • Entrepreneurialism and Innovation
  • Photography
  • Rap Writing
  • Personal Training
  • Fine Art
  • Songwriting and Music Production
  • Overseas Aid
  • Comedy
  • Interviewing and resume writing skills


This program works with students on 'How to Build an Idea'; looking at Finding a Gap in the Market, Minimum Viable Product, Testing Market Assumptions and Pitching. All of these theories are applied throughout the program as students build their own idea, working with our business mentors and culminating in The Pitch!