45 minute interactive presentations for Primary and Secondary students where our young and relatable presenters speak in a way that connects with students by using their language - funny videos, crowd participation and personal stories.

All of our workshops are aligned with the Australian Health Curriculum and many come with complimentary workbooks to reinforce messaging in class.


How to deal with failure - 'Failure is something that happens, not something you are.'
Adaptable for Years 4-ADULT.


This creative presentation uses coloured powder thrown onto a white shirt to illustrate the different experiences we have in life and how they mark us. This workshop focuses on building emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy. 
This workshop can be followed up by our NEW ‘MARKED Resilience Video Series’. Find out more here
Adaptable for Years 1-ADULT.

fighting fair:

How to manage difficult people and why it's more about you than them. Adaptable for Years 5-10.

New- social media:

Social media use is one of the most significant factors impacting our young people today. You know it and we know it, so let's do something about it and equip our young people with the practical tools they need to set healthy boundaries!
Adaptable for Years 6-10.


Understanding the power of choices, this workshop looks at making choices your future self will actually thank you for!
Adaptable for Years 4-8.


‘Don't Sweat It' is an interactive and informative presentation that looks at why we experience stress, providing practical tips to manage expectations and develop healthy coping mechanisms.
Adaptable to Years 7-12.


After our Resilience Workshop and our One Day event, IZRA offers the opportunity for the parents of your students to gather for an evening session where we discuss the Resilience themes from the day with practical tips on how Parents can support and create conversation opportunities around the content. For more information about these sessions, contact us through the form below.

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Leadership Program:

This program is ideal for student councils or youth leadership groups and will be tailored to your objectives with topics that include; The Attributes of a Leader, Managing a Team and Developing a Growth Mindset.

Mentoring Program:

An in-school mentoring program focused on understanding and managing emotions. This program is tailored to the needs of the students and can run from 4-9 weeks. Gender specific curriculum available.

NEW: Public Speaking Workshop:

This fun new workshop looks at building confidence, finding your voice and perfecting delivery. Using interactive games with practical tools, this workshop is lots of fun and gets even the shiest of students out of their shells.

Adaptable to Years 5-ADULT