Consider us your biggest cheerleaders. 
We know that you have all of these talents, ideas, passions and personalities inside of you and we want to be the ones who help you do something with it! So we created IZRA. 


We run Creative Workshops in schools where we bring in some really legit young professionals who have put in the hard yards and are actually doing something with their passions and talents. 

We also talk in your schools about Resilience and some of the things that will be total game changers for you.

THEN, we have our online mag with interviews, blogs and articles on how to do life well. We're big fans of working hard for what you're passionate about and dealing with the crud in life that can get in the way. 

Thanks for saying hi and don't be a stranger ok?



Cassie is super passionate about young people engaging with PURPOSE - she happens to think it is make or break... it sure was for her!

With a background in Communications, International Aid and Innovation, Cassie created IZRA Schools and IZRA Online in order to connect young Australians with RESILIENCE and FUTURE... oh and to look good while we do it!

Cassie presents a range of the Resilience and Entrepreneurial Workshops in schools and speaks externally on topics such as Risk, Creativity and Building an Idea. Cassie also gets her kicks out of connecting passionate young creatives with students; to mentor and inspire. The IZRA team so far is pretty epic -name dropping them is the best!

If you resonate with any of that OR if you just want to be her friend, please say hi: cassie@izra.com.au