Let us guess, if you just had more ______________ you would be happy.

Whatever you fill that blank in with, be it cash-monies, friends, tan, clothes, brains, blah blah blah….it's all a bunch of c#@p.

We can spend sooo much of our lives wishing we had 'more' of something... or many things, but to be honest, we've realised that being happy is something you have to work out without all the 'stuff'. Those things don't make you happy, they are just the the icing on the cake. 

Not only does 'more' not make you happy, sometimes it just causes more clutter and stops you from actually getting to enjoy the life you do have!

Here are 5 things you need less of.



Less social media - try a day without it. *CRAZY* But let's face it, it's never bad to have less time comparing yourself to others and listening to their opinions. *Feel the serenity*


Less tv – If you’re anything like us, your brain can be a pretty full on place, so constantly filling your time with STUFF like tv and music can save you from being left alone with your thoughts. We get it, but it's actually important to have some time to process what's going on without the clutter!


Less clothes- now we are not advocating walking around starkas /'in the raw', no matter how tight your buns are, but we are saying that there are probably plenty of things in your wardrobe that never see the light of day, so why don't you share or show them you care!



Less DRAMA- Do your friends have more drama than a Kardashian wedding? Yehhhh….it gets pretty tiring hey. Try go a whole day without getting involved ie. Don’t create any drama and don’t try solve any drama, trust us, you’ll find that spring in your step.



Less time thinking about YOU- Whether they’re good or bad thoughts, try think about other people and how they feel/what you can do for them, for a whole day. It’s jolly hard, but feels pretty darn good.