My hand is up- I've totally been there. 

I changed schools a couple of times growing up and often I was able to make new friends quickly, but sometimes it took much, much longer. 

Whether you've changed schools, your old friendship group has changed around or whether it's just something that doesn't come super easy for you, having friends is a MASSIVE part of being at school- I KNOW! And having the right friends can be even more important.

From a girl who will admit to having spent a lunchtime or two alone in the bathroom- wishing the bell would ring and hoping no one has realised how long I've been in hiding in that cubicle (trust me, I don't have an intestinal problem), I want to tell you that school isn't forever.

It can feel like it will always be hard like this, I'm here to tell you that it won't.

Be yourself!!! But maybe wait a few weeks to show the other kids pictures of your dressed up ferrets...

Be yourself!!! But maybe wait a few weeks to show the other kids pictures of your dressed up ferrets...

But for while you ARE in school, here are some things I learnt about making friends:

1. People like talking about themselves, so ask them questions and remember their answers! Not in a creepy, 'I'm taking notes/stalker' kind of way, but be actually interested and engage in conversation through that. 

2. Invite them to hang out at your house. When you're a bit shyer, like I was, having a smaller group of people at your house, where you feel comfortable, helps you relax and helps them to see the real you. 

3. Try new sports or out of school events that the other kids might do. Having something in common is a great way to build a friendship.

4. Don't try and win friends by gossiping and sharing secrets from one group to another. We are wanting to make friends here, not enemies yeh? Word gets around. If you start talking smack about people behind their back, nobody is going to want you hanging around!

5. These things can take time. Don't stress if you're not falling on the floor laughing at inside jokes about Mr Jones' cat stories after a week. 

6. Don't feel pressured into doing things you're uncomfortable with or being someone you're not. 
Friends are important, but remember that no matter your interests or quirks, you are worth being friends with and there will be people who totally get you. 

7. SMILE. My natural instinct is to avoid people who give death stares or eternally look like they just saw their puppy killed by a giant rabid otter. Happy people are much nicer to approach and offer to share my chocolate with!

Go get 'em! 


Is finding friends something you find hard?
Tell us what you do to get to know people?