1. What difference can we expect from your new album, Limit of Love, our Oct 9th, compared to your previous albums?
We recorded Limit Of Love after lots of touring playing many shows, and I think the approach to capturing the live sound of the band in the studio is a point of difference this time. We wanted the sounds and performances to be true and honest and our producer Ethan Johns was all about this approach. He is a great musician and an inspiring guy to work with and has a way of encouraging the best performances for the songs.

2. We LOVE your new single, Walk the Wire, tell us a little about the song:
Walk the Wire is quite a lighthearted track for us which has been fun. It’s about the internal battle that happens when your summoning up the courage to approach someone you like. I guess the broader sentiment is ‘don’t die wondering’, you gotta put it on the line sometimes and go for it.

3. Walk the Wire has a pretty hilarious video, was it fun to make?
It was really fun to make. The guys that directed it are nice and relaxed to work with and wanted the clip to be less serious than some of our older clips. There were some quirky Comedians on set that kept you on your toes, and you never knew what they would do next.

4. The writing of Limit of Love was a lot more collaborative this time, with the whole band being a part of the process, how did you find that and how has that effected the end result?
I think it's been a great result for the band to write together from the early stages. In the past often a sketch of a song would be brought to the band and then it would take on its shape and form from there. This way of writing encourages new ways to approach harmony and groove from the start which allows more options for the song to develop.

5. You played 170 shows last year, do you ever get sick of your own songs after playing them over and over again? 
We try to change our set as much as possible to avoid things feeling repetitive. Also we like to learn a lot of covers to keep things fresh. It will be nice to have 3 albums of repertoire to choose from this time around.

6. What’s the best part about writing a song, forming the idea or seeing the finished product?
They both offer different excitement and rewards. I think when forming the idea there is a lot of freedom for the song to become something and when its mixed it becomes a statement in time. Both equally rewarding in different ways.

7. Which has been your favourite city to play at?
Personally I love playing in NYC. there is something about the musical history of that city that you can't beat.

8. Tell us about playing on Conan O'Brien!!! 
Conan was a real treat, and a great experience for us to play on the show. He is a super funny guy and loves music. He actually played guitar most of the day during his rehearsals. And he is super tall!

9. What are your favourite bands at the moment?
I can't wait to hear the new Kurt Vile album!

Thanks so much for chatting and making music for us!!