1. Congrats on your latest single, Hollering Hearts, Josh! Tell us a little about that:

It's a song about following the thing that makes you the most joyful and perhaps the most frightened in life. It's about that feeling of wanting to howl up at the moon and being so full of excitement and joy that you want to preserve that feeling no matter what.


2. In the lead up to the release of your fifth studio album on July 31st, you've circulated a Fans-First-Video and special Fans-First Album package. What inspired you to launch it this way?:

I've done the Fans First thing for the last 3 albums. It's a great way to reactivate my core fan base as well as express how thankful I am to them for all their support over the years. It's fun, casual and a bit less formal than the rest of the shows I'll do this year. 

3. What do we have to look forward to with this upcoming album?:

I think it's my best work! I love the record and am really proud of it. I pushed myself really hard lyrically and I feel that I've developed my sound a lot on this one.

4. Lastly, who do you have on repeat in your ears at the moment?:

I'm obsessed with the new Sufjan Stevens record at the moment. I absolutely love it!

Thanks and we look forward to chatting  again in July- we're big fans!!