1. Tell us about your job and what you do:

I make films for a living, I film & then edit many different jobs from weddings to commercials using a range of different camera gear to creatively achieve what the client is after.

2. When did you decide you wanted to pursue videography and what did you do about it?:

I finished school knowing I didn't want to study any further & wasn't really sure what to do, I just knew I wanted to make a living out of doing something that I love & am passionate about & that was film.

3. Favourite thing about the whole filming and production process?:

The entire process is fun & really gets your brain thinking creatively but my favourite part is definitely watching the final edit & showing clients who are more often than not, stoked with the final result.

4. You have worked on some pretty cool projects, tell us about some of your favourites:

Some of my favourite projects have been working with other people who are creative in different fields, I've made films about street artists & surf photographers & we just vibe off of each other & are able to create something really special. Also personal projects are my favourite, making a film from my travels is always the most rewarding thing to create.

5. Who would be your dream brand to work for?:

Burton Snowboards, I'm addicted to snowboarding yet live in probably the furtherest direction possible from a slope. Burton have & continue to push the sport since its very inception & they inspire me greatly.

6. Which videographers and artists do you find most inspiring right now?:

Brainfarm are on a whole 'nother planet! Joe Simon from the US is always next level & also Two Bearded Men from New Zealand are always inspiring.

7. Tips for someone interested in pursuing a career in videography:

Start now, with whatever you have! Don't wait until you get 'that' camera or piece of gear. Use what you have, be inspired by others & just start creating.

8. Any exciting projects in the works?: 

Me & my long time friend Liam Gillie have come together to create our own brand that meshes film, photography, art & love for the outdoors. It's called Set Sail Co & has just gone live. Our aim is to inspire others to follow their gifts & passions & to build a community that brings people together from all different fields e.g. artist, photographers, athletes & provide them with a platform to further their gift & inspire those who are following in their footsteps.

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