Brooklyn is one of those people who is able to hang from the roof in just a piece of material and she's crazy flexible to boot!

Brooklyn wrote in to tell us why she gets her kicks out of Aerials and Acrobatics- check it, check it!!!

I love doing many things in the world, but my all time favourites would have to be Acrobatics and Aerials. Which I guess all fall under the same category, but they're all very different.

I love Acrobatics because when I'm flipping through the air or rolling on the ground I always feel happy. It makes me feel proud whenever I accomplish new tricks or skills and I love doing it with friends because it's always fun and a great source of exercise.

I love Aerials to infinity and beyond, if I could do then 24/7 I would! The feeling of being meters off the ground only relying on a Silk, Trapeze or Lyra to save you from falling is amazing. The tricks are hard but I'm always up to the challenge, I have to remind myself to do the best that I can be and never give up.

So whether it's Acrobatics, Silks, Trapeze or Lyra I'll always be doing it because it's what makes me happy and besides, it looks pretty darn cool! Acro & Aerials are what keep me motivated and make me live life in colour.

Ok, so you may not be as good at hanging upside down (without crashing to the ground that is) as Brooklyn, but we'd love to hear what you do 'just for kicks'! Send your entry to