I was 17 when I first tried rock climbing, this was the first day of many and the first taste of a passion that I know will take me to huge heights.

My first time on the rock was quite pathetic really, I used every ounce of energy to make my bloody hands scramble my way to the top. But the feeling of making it was something I soon became crazy about.

The person who took me out that first time could see the same drive in me that he also had, so began the many hours spent together traveling, camping, exploring and climbing anything we drove past. It wasn’t long before I got all my own gear and got really serious about the sport.

There are a few reasons why I love climbing so much, one is the awesome feeling of overcoming an obstacle (rock) that pushed my body, mind and control to the limit. I also have a love for waking up after climbing the day before with sore four-arms and back muscles, yeah and people do think that’s strange. 

The biggest drive for my climbing is the places I have stood and the awesome glory of the world we live in, the outdoors for me is the place I can relax, rest and enjoy some awesome rock.

One of the best places I have climbed would have to be a rock called “Peak Head” in Albany WA. Climbing up the 150m+ rock, in the sun, looking out over the Sothern Ocean as whales swim past and a cool breeze relaxes you- something I will never forget.

If I could choose one place to travel and climb it would be a rock in California named “The Indescribable Hulk". This is a 500m rock and a climb I can’t wait to tick off my list. A snow covered rock in winter and an amazing climb in summer.

I hope rock climbing will take me to places I never thought I would go and meet people all around the world.


Love this sport,









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