"You can tell who the strong women are, they are the ones you see building each other up instead of tearing each other down."

Today is International Women's Day.
We think there are so many wonderful things about being a girl, so many reasons to chuck a party and watch a chick flick. 

We think there is a pretty big thing that can make us girls go next level though! You see a lot of girls seem to be a little confused when it comes to understanding their Value and Beauty. Somewhere a long the line, we girls started to believe the lie that someone else's beauty is a threat to our own; that somehow if someone else is beautiful, that must mean we are not.

We know, it sounds really stupid when you say it like that... Just because one cake tastes good, doesn't mean another cake can't taste good, but when it comes to our own beauty, we believe the lie nonetheless. 

Image by  Harley Quinn and Co . 

Tragically, we feel so threatened by different expressions of beauty, we often either spend lots of time focussing on our own flaws, or feel the need to find flaws in others, to feel better about our own. 

A really cool thing happens though when we realise that someone else's Beauty or Value will never be in competition with our own, it is merely a different expression. 
When we start to understand that our value doesn't change, we feel totally free to focus on the good in others, without it threatening the good in ourselves. 

Imagine if we as girls felt free to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Imagine how confident YOU would feel if all of your girlfriends only built you and those around you up.

This International Women's Day, let's take a minute to remind ourselves that our Beauty and Value is never threatened by others and that you have the power to influence whether the girls around you are built up or torn down. We know which one we think is stronger!