Ever feel like there are a million tabs open in your brain, like when you have too many apps on your phone open? Just like your computer or phone, everything starts to slow down and become REALLY HARD as there is just toooo much to deal with. Then sometimes it all just FREEZES!


Yeh, we feel ya! Whether it’s a million assignments, one of your friends isn’t talking to you or maybe your parents are fighting more and more these days and it makes you feel sick to your stomach. There are heaps of things that can go around and around in your head when you just want to switch them off and sometimes it starts to stress you out. If only your thoughts had a volume switch….

If this is you, here is what we think you should do:

 Write down all of the things in your head and put them into 2 columns, the first being ‘Things I can do something about’ and the second being ‘Things I can’t do anything about’.

For the first list, work out a plan of attack, this might be a study plan for your exams coming up or some of the ways you’re going to reach out to a friend who seems to be acting really weird.

For the second list, you need to realise that these things may be out of your hands and this is where you consciously choose not to spend time thinking about them. If it is something like your parents fighting and it keeps stressing you out, you may not be able to confront your parents about it, but you could talk to your school chaplain or counselor about how you feel.

Still feeling stressed? Here are some other things you can do:

1.     Dance it out or jog it up- turn up ya jam and get those good endorphins flowing.

2.     Go to bed earlier – We are big fans of what a good night’s sleep can do. Read our piece on SLEEP here. Try it!

3.     Think about good times you have had- reminiscing about good things that have happened will remind you that good things CAN happen.

4.     Ask someone for a hug- strangers may not be so accommodating, but your mum or a friend will surely oblige!

5.     Smile-  watch this video, you can't watch this and not smile...

6.     Breathe- if you feel your heart rate rising and your breathing quickening, you need to find ways to self calm, so try this:

a.     Breathe in for 4 seconds

b.     Hold your breath for 7 seconds

c.      Breathe out for 8 seconds

BECAUSE SCIENCE: This changes your autonomic nervous system from a fight or flight state, to a more relaxed and logical state- super great for when you open that exam paper or you’re about to give a speech! 

If you get this anxious, freak out feeling often, that doesn’t make you weird, but it may mean that you struggle with anxiety. Check out our article here and how you can deal with it!


Peace out- seriously, chill!