James just left the fine sandy beaches of WA to play professional cricket in the UK...and get paid for it!

1. Tell us about what you are going to the UK to do: 
I am fortunate enough to be moving to the UK to play cricket. I will be pursuing personal dreams to play cricket professionally whilst also coaching at a local school.

2. How did this opportunity come up?: 
The opportunity came from contacts with my batting coach. He encouraged me to make the move to improve myself as a player and to thrive on a life experience.

3. What does your schedule look like when you are over there?:
My time in the UK will be quite full on. If everything goes to plan I will be in the gym 5 days a week before coaching at the local school everyday. Every weekday evening I have cricket training of some form whether batting, coaching or fitness with my local club. The weekends I will be playing cricket both days.

4. Tell us what you love about cricket:
Cricket is one of a kind in my mind. It is a team sport that has such a high demand on individual performance. The mental challenges you face during the highs and lows of a cricket match only a cricketer will understand. When you are able to prevail and be successful on an individual and team level the satisfaction and the companionship you share after the game is incredible and something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

5. Advice for someone who may want to do the same:
If i had any advice for anyone pursuing a career in whatever field it would be to believe in themselves. The toughest challenges we face are the ones in the mirror and believing we are good enough is the biggest step towards success.

6. Who is the most famous cricketer you have ever met?:
I have been lucky enough to play alongside and against many first class and Australian cricketers but the most famous would probably be Brad Hogg. Having him as a team mate was something special.


If you could play any sport professionally, what would it be?