1. Hi Brydon! Tell us a bit about yourself:
Hey, I'm a 16 year old ATAR student and I go to Cecil Andrews Senior High School. I'm interested in music and anything that's Production or Design related -that includes lighting, sound and of course... Management! I enjoy writing stories and songs and investing my time on things that make the world around me better!

2. What kind of business have you started?:
In some terms we were just an Events Management company but we now have expanded to an Event Promotion company/Band Management company PLUS Artist Management! The basic run down of it all is that we organise, host, promote and run events at a few of Perth's venues and try to give new bands, musicians and artists that have never played a big stage before, a chance to have their small little fantasy under lights with a massive crowd! Of course making some profit for us to invest into bigger and better shows is also good!
I just love the feeling of giving other people the chance to try something big, the happiness and joy I see them have on stage, gives me the motivation to keep these things happening. We currently have organised & promoted events for massive bands such as MEST (USA), Hawthorne Heights (USA), Jackel (NZ), Being As An Ocean (USA), As It Is (UK), With Confidence (SYD) and many many more to come. A lot of new things are in planning, but that's yet to be released.

3. What inspired you and how did you go about making the first step?:
Being in senior highschool puts you under a lot of pressure, especially with life decisions. Having choices like Uni, Tafe, apprenticeships and work are just , to me, things that make you keep changing your mind! This company that I've created is not only just to help the music scene grow with the new generations and such, but it has taught me many new life skills for me to survive as an adult, and the company will always be something I have as a thing that I know will succeed just as something on the side!
I have to think about myself first but I'll never let my hobbies go. That aside, I've also decided in myself that I want to set myself up early. Gathering as much experience as I can that will inspire me towards multiple different job choices, I went about my first step by running my first show and it almost sold out! It wasn't until then that I fell in love with events and such, and I'll never fall back on it.

4. Biggest challenge so far?:
Biggest challenge would probably have to be adjusting to new people on a day basis, especially if these people are real industry men and women, I can't take a week to adjust, I have to adjust to any new situation swiftly and accordingly and that always includes under pressure situations and I believe that those situations are what improve and benefit any person when they try out for any career.

5. Biggest help:
I have a strong and committed team of young and aspiring events management people working with me on the same goal in supplying the right music to our music scene, purely to keep the scene alive! Of course I have my teachers as well, Miss Melanie Fowler for introducing me to music and made it my passion, Ms Christina Parry for teaching me what it means to be a team player, Mr Todd Fishwick for influencing his styles of music into my life and Mr Glen Myles for teaching me the way to be myself and still do the hard work to aspire and reach my goals in life.

6. What do you see in the future of your company?: 
I see a massive future and upbringing for myself and the entire company. I've already received messages and emails asking for help in touring Australia and these are by some massive and iconic bands in specific music scenes! I can tell you now, Empire is surely not going to slow down because we have the initiative and the strength to continue. It is my personal goal to see the music scene in Perth grow, and I won't let go of that!