1. Tell us about yourself, what did you study at school and how did you get into

I actually studied a Bachelor of Economics at UWA then worked in interior 
design. After a lifetime of thinking fashion wasn’t a real job, I woke up one day 
conscious of how quickly I was ageing and decided it was time to follow the path 
I knew I would enjoy the most, which lead me to Bruug. I have always sketched 
clothes and shoes, as it has always been something I love. I just needed to find 
the perfect avenue!

2. What inspires your designs? 

My inspiration is derived from the everyday woman and finding the perfect outfit 
that she can wear time and time again. I love the European aesthetic so I 
incorporate clothes that have clean lines, classic cuts and can sometimes be 
seen as playful. It’s about making the every day women feel amazing every day. 

3. How would you describe your style?

I like to focus on the illusion of confidence, with an emphasis on strong cuts and 
textures. I still like to remain quite minimalist with my style. 

4. When did you begin Bruug? How hard did you have to work to get to the mass 
success that it is today?

We actually just had our second birthday so already it has been quite the 
journey! I think I’m working harder now then I ever have! I have been really 
blessed with some wonderful strokes of luck along the way and incredible 
support from all the right people. I believe it is about constantly focusing on 
improving and growing. This is what keeps me motivated through the hard times. 

5. Is there a meaning behind the name?

It is actually from my maiden name Leembruggen. I always thought Bruug would 
be a cool nickname for myself but it never really took off!

6. Are there any exciting projects coming up? What can we expect next?

We have just recently launched an additional new section of our website based 
on the Bruug Girl’s wardrobe essentials. It ranges from tee’s to pencil skirts to 
leather jackets. Just between us, Bruug Man is also definitely on the cards.

7. Favorite piece you have created?

I feel like my favourite piece is still to come. 

8. Who is your biggest influence?

My Dad- on a business level, the way he conducts himself in terms of business 
ethics is something that has never led me astray. 

9. Advice to people out there who want to pursue a career in fashion?

Don’t forget it’s a business, keeping an eye on cash flow and bottom lines is