Meet Mylan. She is the BRILLIANT designer of our iZRA logo and the postcard you got when we came to your school. Here she chats about how she got started and the exciting project she has in the works!!

1. Tell us about your job:

Hello Mylan is my independently run creative studio and I get to make any kind of pretty thing that a client requests; albums, logos, merchandise, flyers, you name it and I’d be stoked to help out.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a Designer and what did you do about it?:

Somehow even as a youngen, I knew I wanted a creative career.

It was when I got a high school scholarship in Art that I realized that I could really pursue something. I was exposed to all forms of creativity, including the more specific stream of Graphic Design and things took off from there! My local youth ministry took me under their media team’s wing and I was able to learn and dabble in bits and bobs. In year 12, I was actually able to choose to do Graphic Design instead of Math, leaving me absolutely chuffed and on the road to a degree!

3. Favourite thing about designing:

I’m such a fan of ideas, being able to have them brew in your mind even if it’s not the most logical solution; it’s just super great! And it’s crazy fun to see something in your head and be a part of making it become something real for others to experience too.

4. Who would be your dream brand to work for?:

I’d probably pass out if ever the opportunity of collaborating with Gorman arose!

5. Who are your favourite designers at the moment?:

I’ve got a massive crush on Emma Dime and Blacklist Studio!

6. Tips for someone interested in pursuing a career in design:

Go on and be brave, even if it just begins with a Facebook page or Tumblr!

7. Any exciting projects in the works?:

Always! In fact, I just finished a job for this lovely lass from iZRA!

But aside from Hello Mylan; I head up The Little Help Project alongside stargazer and dear friend, Aly Byrne. Here’s a little snippet about who we are, what we dream of and do:

Here at The Little Help Project, we believe in helping where we can.

We believe in changing the statistics one person at a time.

The Little Help Project (TLHP) is a movement that preaches the power of generosity and collectivity when approaching local & global issues. We exist to inspire young individuals like you to create a personal culture of generosity, and we also give you a platform to do so.

TLHP sells a range of fun, house-designed and printed goods to wear / to use / to admire. We donate part proceeds of all sales to selected charities and community projects – so you can rest assured your wins are always someone else’s too.

Mylan and co-founder of TLHP, Aly

Mylan and co-founder of TLHP, Aly

We are currently working on workshops with Alta-1 (Joondalup Campus) and our Etsy store is due to launch soon…but for now, Join in on the fun!

The Little Help Project

Instagram: @thelittlehelpproject


Coming soon:

Hello Mylan

Instagram: @hellomylan