How Ridiculous are World Record holding 'trick shotters' - yeh it's totally a thing! We chat with Scott Gaunson, one of their four members.


Hi Scott, tell us about How Ridiculous?:

How Ridiculous was founded initially by four young guys. We are just your average guys who are passionate about sport, trick shots and making a difference. We want to inspire all people to live selflessly, give generously and be a part of this movement by doing your bit and buying in to collectively fighting against child poverty.


How did the idea start?:

Initially we saw another group in America known as Dude Perfect doing a similar thing and we thought that we could have a go too.


What are the group dynamics like?:

The group dynamics are very similar to a group friendship everyone would be familiar with. Lots of laughs, many stories, we are all uniquely different and bring our own flavours to the group. But all in all we just enjoying hanging out and doing life together.


What was the moment that made you think you could really take this somewhere?:

For the first video we did just want to get a few laughs from our local friends and family. It just was something that we did spontaneously for a bit of fun, something that we thought would be really enjoyable in our free time.

It could be different for the other guys but I personally always did and still do think that we can take this somewhere or to a new level.


Tell us about your world record. How many attempts were there and how did it feel when you finally nailed it?:

I suppose in the lead up to the shot as we were planning it in Perth, I personally was really confident that we would make it. I knew that we had more assistance than any other shot. I knew we had more basketballs and a lift to transport the basketballs up and down which was going to be much more efficient and less taxing than what we were faced with in our previous world record at the light Tower at the WACA.

However that confidence quickly disappeared in about one second when I took the first glance down 91m down to the ground where the ring was. This was an unforgettable moment really because it was so confronting. It was confronting simply because I could hardly make out the ring.

It is for this reason that when we did eventually make the shot after about 100 attempts or about 90 minutes it was one of the greatest feelings of relief I have experienced. It is really hard to explain But an experience I will never forget.


Where have you travelled for How Ridiculous?:

- Rotterdam, The Netherlands

- Rio De Janeiro (Brett was in a World Cup ad for McDonalds) 

- Throughout the Eastern States of Australia

- Soon we are off to the Philippines

- Urban Western Australia


What kind of training do you have to do to stay in shape?:

Umm we actually don’t do training as such, but more so meetings and brainstorming what we would like to do in the future.


Favourite Tricks so far:

- Our golf trick shot which involved smashing a plate in the air as we hit a golf ball off a tee clay pigeon style.

- Our world Record Shot in Rotterdam

- Hole in one on a par 3 by throwing the golf ball in

- Raffles Basketball Shot


 What are your future plans personally and for How Ridiculous?

-        We are just about to release a documentary that contains entertainment but also educates and makes people aware of the poverty and injustice in our world today.

-        We would love to eventually make a shot from over 100 m high

-        Visit our sponsor children in the Philippines


Tell us about Compassion:

Compassion's mission statement is to respond to God’s call to serve the poor and share the gospel with the nations.

It is simply because of this statement that we want to do everything we can to get behind and support Compassion. This is purely because we fully embrace and agree with their mission statement and we know that they have a fantastic team that has the capacity to live/be a vessel for others to get on board too.


Any advice for others wanting to turn their hobbies into something bigger?:

Absolutely! It really is one of the most over complicated things that people talk about these days. I personally think it is a simple case of getting out there and having a go. When I go fishing I would never catch a fish unless I get my line in the water. So get out there and get your line in the water?

 Check our all their tricks, documentary trailer and keep up to date with future attempts!