As an artist, there’s one conversation I find myself in time and time again.

Person: “Oh- you’re an artist?”

Me: “Yeah!”

Person: “Ha…yeah. I can’t draw at all. I swear there’s not an artistic bone in my body…”

Me: *Cringes* EERRP! No Deal!

Hold up- No Deal? What Deal?!

Sometimes we confuse being ‘arty’ or artistic with having mad skillz to paint or draw. And that’s understandable- art, arty, artistic…they all kind of sound the same. But an engine isn’t engineering- engineering is the act of getting that engine started. You could engineer a car into motion; you could also engineer the perfect paper airplane. In the same way, you could also say that an engineer would design a car into motion and that one could create the perfect paper airplane. Do you see where I’m going with this? Whether you’re a Maths buff, or a Chemistry Pro, a Sports freak, or a whizz in Home Ec –  being artistic and creative is the expression of how we do things - and there are a million and one ways for us to express this! We each have the ability to be great designers, great artists, great engineers – great creatives.  

So how do you express your creative and artistic side? Creativity is expressed through your imagination. And if you’ve ever had a dream – big or small – then you have an imagination!

Another important thing to remember is that creativity is expressed differently. You’re artistic expression is unique. It’s individual. It’s going to look different to your friends. Embrace it- better yet, work it! Use that part of you that’s different to stand out and make a difference in the world around you. No one can think the way that you’re wired to think!  

This year, I dare you to take this creative challenge – start coining phrases like I AM CREATIVE. I AM ARTISTIC. I AM IMAGINATIVE. Because you can use that beautiful imagination with that beautiful mind you’ve got and make 2015 the most inventive, creative, and artistic year yet, in whatever area you enjoy most, or feel passionate about!

Rachelle Dusting

Practising Artist