Nick Kingswell 2015 Charcoal on Paper

Nick Kingswell 2015

Charcoal on Paper

I want you to think about the time when you felt most celebrated.
Maybe it was receiving that award at assembly you didn’t see coming. 
Maybe it was you getting the highest mark in your favourite class.
Maybe it was a nice speech from a bestie or parent at your birthday party.

Now I want you to think of a time you felt you should have been celebrated but weren’t. 

Maybe it was someone else who got that award, instead of you.
Maybe it was you who just missed out on the highest mark in your favourite class
Maybe it was you that really needed your bestie or parent to give you encouragement, but for a
reason you never quite understood, it was withheld from you.

Something I’ve learnt is that you can always pick the people that will be successful in life, by how they celebrate others. Successful people are able to celebrate others because they are SECURE in their own identity as individuals. 

Over the years, many of my friendships have formed from a genuine desire to encourage and celebrate people. Many artists and musicians I have met, and now call friends, started from an email that says “Hey! I love what you do, and I wanted to remind you how great you are at it! Keep it up!” 

Collaboration with Nate Hill Photography with my Illustration work

Collaboration with Nate Hill Photography

with my Illustration work

A few years back I started following an Aussie musician, as he ventured out into the music industry overseas. His music really captivated and moved something inside me, so I decided to write to him and let him know. A year later, I was inspired by a photograph of his I saw on social media, and in my spare time took to drawing it. I sent it to him, and this opened an opportunity for me to meet a friend of his from Melbourne. We ended up collaborating together to create some really cool art- but it all started from that one message of encouragement! 

So what am I trying to say? 

Celebrating others brings OPPORTUNITY. You may not know it at the time, but valuing others and encouraging them when you feel they need it is what opens new doors for us to walk in. So I dare you to build a healthy habit of encouraging your friends and the people who inspire you. 
Just wait and see what good comes from it!

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