This exam time, hustle smarter, not harder!




      Be choosy about where you plant your butt!

Find an area that you are able to study comfortably, without distractions. Try to do it away from your bed, and even away from a computer if you are using your text books. You’re only human, so as little distractions as possible will help in a BIG way.

Some research even shows that it makes a difference if you change up your study spots on a regular basis.





Everybody has a different time of day that works best for them, so work out what yours is and get all up in it!

If you’re grouchier than that green guy on Sesame Street before lunchtime, maybe trying to force yourself to study at 5am before school won’t be the best thing for you and you should get stuck into it after dinner!



Yehhh….don't hurt yourself!

Yehhh….don't hurt yourself!



Treat yo’self

Set incentives to break up your study and help you focus.

Maybe after 45 minutes of uninterrupted study, you will let yourself go on Instagram for 5 minutes (set a timer) or go for a 30 minute jog.




      Talk it out

Find someone who doesn’t mind listening to you explain what you’re studying.  This is probably a good job for your Mum or Grandad or someone like that. Explaining concepts and theory to other people helps us cement the information in our brain and make it our own.



The ‘write’ way!

Research shows that actually writing information out using an old fashioned pen and paper, actually helps your brain process the information in a different way to just reading it.

Start with the main headings and points and go from there!



These are our tips, what are yours?