Think that tiny little phone of yours might be acting like the boss? Take a look at these questions to find out:

  1. Whenever there is a lull in what you are doing, when you feel a little awkward in a crowd or you just get a spare minute, you find yourself scrolling through a newsfeed. 

  2. You check your phone out of habit, not always because you need to.

  3. You have push notifications for all of your social media.

  4. After posting a photo or status you keep checking and refreshing to see how many likes or comments you get and it affects how you feel.

  5. You take 20 photos of the same thing (often yourself) to get the best angle then another 15 minutes to pick the best filter!

  6. You know a lot about people you’ve never met in ‘real life’ and sometimes have to play dumb when you meet someone for the first time, because you already know everything about them.

  7. Sometimes you find yourself 'thinking' in captions. 

  8. You re-write your captions a dozen times until they sound absolutely perfect.

  9. If you see something funny or cool, you immediately think that’ll make a great pic/video and you reach for your phone.

  10. The first thing you do in the morning is grab your phone to check all you missed on social media over night.

  11. You take your phone everywhere with you and you feel totally lost if you don’t know where it is.

  12. You felt tears welling in your eyes the last time your home wifi crashed.

If you said yes to even a few of these, we’re right there with you!!!

Social Media is such a HUGE part of all of our lives. Don't get us wrong, we're pretty mad for it ourselves.

What we aren't keen for though, is anything that controls us, like an addiction or fear etc. We want to use social media because it's fun, not because we need likes to feel good about ourselves and not because we are using it to hide how lonely we feel. 

If you're like us and want to put social media back in it's box, rather than let it play slave driver, here are some of the things you can try:

  • Have set times in the day when you check your social media, the rest of the time, you give your attention to the real world. You can even set a timer on your instagram for say 30 minutes a day, so that it reminds you when you have spent 30 minutes on your instagram.

  • Care more about the people in front of you than the people on the screen.

  • Don't ruin every moment by trying to capture it and show the world. Just enjoy some moments, and be ok that not everyone has to know about everything you do.

  • Remember that the number of likes you get or comments on your selfie have NOTHING to do with how down right great you are.