What we spend our time thinking about, affects our moods.

Whatever we focus on, seems to just get bigger and bigger and bigger. 

If we're not careful, it's pretty easy to spend most of our time thinking about the things that worry us and stress us out. All of them going around in your head all day can make you pretty tired and cranky hey?

So much homework...

How are you going to pay for camp?

That friend is not talking to you and your parents are fighting ALOT these days

...it all seems to get a lot of air time and often for good reason, it's important stuff!


BUT, when we focus on all of these things that we can't control or that are missing in our lives, stress and worry can mean we miss all of the downright AWESOME things that happen everyday, the things that aren't going wrong. 

The best, most flipping attractive versions of ourselves aren't always frowning, trying to solve life's problems and hosting the never-ending pitty party. 

Do you like being friends with that person who's always cranky? NOPE, the best versions of ourselves choose to focus on the things that are good. 

Life will show us that there are a lot of things we can't control and there are always ways that things could improve, but every experience will be a whole lot sweeter when we spend time thinking about the good, rather than the bad. 

When we get stressed out, or start getting a bit moody, we

1. STOP.

2. Work out what has got us down.

3. Think of something we can do to help the situation OR if it is out of our hands, decide that we would rather be happy than worried.

4. Come up with 3 things we're thankful for. 

Seriously, it works!


So right now, STOP. Think of 3 things you are thankful for (the beach/your friends/the fact that Perth may one day have it's own Krispy Kreme store...anything!) and decide to be happy rather than stressed. 

If what we focus on gets bigger, wouldn't you rather the good things seemed bigger than the bad?

Those problems may not be going anywhere, but don't get old and cranky before your time!!

HEY! BEFORE YOU GO: Sometimes the worry and stress is a bit bigger than us though, sometimes it takes up all of our thoughts and it's hard to remember a time when we were happy. If you are finding yourself anxious and nervous a lot of the time, it might be a good idea to chat with someone who can help you with ways to cope. These guys below know what they're talking about!