Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own radio show that broadcasts to thousands around the world? Tyson doesn't have to wonder, he and co-host Taylor do it every week - no biggie...

We thought we'd pick his brain for you. Enjoy! 

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1.Tell us about your job: 

I'm the director, co-producer, host and breakfast cereal expert of the 'LiveOutLoud' radio show, which is currently broadcasting to thousands of listeners across Perth on 98five and online around the world at 98five.com.au


2. What do you love about radio?:

Geeeee, that's tough! I'd have to say getting to meet really interesting people and travelling to different music festivals and events across Australia. I also love having the opportunity to encourage listeners to be positive and making them laugh without putting anyone down.


3. How did you get started in radio and media?:

Five or so years ago a mentor of mine at the time encouraged me to apply to be an announcer at a small local radio station, I was a little hesitant about the idea, but he said he thought I'd be good at it! Five years later, after many ups and downs, here I am making a fool of myself to thousands of people a night around the world (and loving it!).


Chilling with Michael Paynter

Chilling with Michael Paynter

4. Tell us who is in your team and what it is like working with your co-host: 

There're three of us in the LiveOutLoud team, Graeme (aka Gfunk) is our lead producer, content critic and studio manager. Graeme makes sure the show runs smoothly and gives me feedback on how to improve each show. Taylor is my co-host, co-producer, and content maker, there is no one I'd rather be on air with than TayTay, we work incredibly well together! Recently we worked on trying to open a whale reserve in the desert of Australia, bringing the Winter Olympic Games to Western Australia and producing a cologne that smells of fresh cut grass (of which all are still in the works). 

5. Best moment in radio:

There's so many! One things does stick out though; at a music festival I had a strawberry jam eating contest with Dan from the band Hawk Nelson on stage in front hundreds of festival goers. I had jam all over my face, and I lost.. but.. I got to keep the jam and I smelt like strawberries for days! 

Tyson and co host Taylor

Tyson and co host Taylor


6. What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into radio?:

Volunteer some time to a community radio station. Most local community radio organisations love volunteers to help around the station.

Also, be your own super creative self. I always strive to do things no one else does or has done before, so please believe in your own creative ability! (everyone has it).

One other thing, and I know it sounds silly, but practise your radio voice by talking to yourself in the shower, I do it and most people don't think I'm crazy.. that I know of...